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NFT’s or Non Fungible Tokens have gained popularity over the last few months and years. They provide a way to create unique digital assets on the blockchain that are one of a kind. For example, if I have 10 Ethereum, they are all the same. But if I were to hold 10 NFT’s, a token with a different specification than a regular Ethereum, I would be holding 10 unique pieces of digital assets.

Good use cases for this would be digital collectibles that we see on The NBA has already ventured into the NFT space with NBA Top Shots along with big brands like Marvel and Nike following suit. We believe in reducing the barrier to entry into this unique market and applications such as this provide a simple way for the new user to get into the NFT space.

At Build Your Blocks, we’ve built an “NFT Minter” which will allow a user to create their own NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain by simply dropping an image or media file into our uploader and clicking a few buttons!

This app allows you to mint your very own NFT on the Rinkeby Test network. Metamask is required. Please refer to our earlier blog post in case you need to set up your wallet and configure it to the network

  1. Hit “Connect to Wallet” and accept all prompts.
  2. Setup Metamask and allow the website to connect when prompted. 
  3. Give your NFT a name and description.
  4. Upload an image 
  5. Press “Mint NFT” and wait for the transaction to complete…
  6. Once minted, you’ll receive a URL where you can see your newly minted NFT on OpenSea!

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