Blockchain Security

Smart Contracts

We provide overall Blockchain Security Consultative Services including Smart Contract Security Audits, User Awareness Training, Forensic Analysis of Crypto Transactions, securing Blockchain solutions for business, Risk Assessments and Threat Modelling.  Threat modeling is a technique for developing secure systems using a risk-based approach.

Threats are identified and controls constructed to mitigate these as an integrated part of the development process rather than being an afterthought.  Threat modeling works by breaking down the problem of adequate system security into smaller and more manageable components that can be more easily secured. Using an organized framework for achieving this process will facilitate a deterministic approach to solving the problem.  This technique will significantly reduce the risk of critical vulnerabilities materializing at the production stage of a product where remediation costs will be exponentially higher when compared to implementing security by design in the earlier stages of the development life cycle.

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